World Music & Rhythm Talk: Complete Preschool Music Curriculum

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A 36-week classroom program for Preschool to Grade 1, featuring the music and rhythms of the world!

Complete with lesson plans, six-CD set of original music, and much, much more.

Teach an enriched, multi-cultural curriculum to kindergarten and early primary children — EVEN if you are not a musician. It’s like having Maria with you in your classroom!

Available in physical and downloadable versions.

​Hello, I’m Maria Alley, a music teacher and musician from Halifax, Nova Scotia. For many years (after having raised 2 boys of my own), I’ve had the pleasure of teaching music to kids in preschools and daycares. I’ve figured out what kids like and how to keep them interested, while teaching them lots of very cool stuff.

I’ve combined my years of experience and proprietary preschool music curriculum for early childhood educators and elementary school teachers (up to Grade 1) who want to give their young students a wonderful, enriched music program – and I want to share this exciting and effective material that I’ve developed so you can use it with the children you teach.

About the Curriculum

What is World Music & Rhythm Talk?

It’s a complete Music Curriculum for Children ages 3 to 7 – a comprehensive 36-week classroom program for teaching the music and rhythms of the world to children from preschool to grade 1.

curriculum guide and songbook

It comes complete with lesson plans and accompanying six CD set (5 CDs and a DVD, actually) plus much more.

Developed and tested in the classroom by teacher and musician Maria Alley.

What does it do?

Through songs, games and dances, kids learn about:

  • Other countries of the world
  • Beat and rhythm
  • Different languages
  • Classical composers
  • Instruments of the orchestra
  • Musical notation

It empowers you – even if you’re not a musician – to teach music to young children like a pro!

What's included in the package?

  • A complete curriculum guide (130 pages) with lesson plans covering the entire school year. You’ll always know what to do.
  • FIVE music CDs professionally recorded in studio especially for this curriculum, featuring many different voices and musicians. A huge value – full of songs children love, all part of the curriculum. Downloadable version has MP3s of ALL the songs.
  • Video tutorials for you, the teacher, on DVD or YouTube – see the program in action with a real preschool class.
  • A song book with the words to all the songs.
  • FOUR MORE CDs (or MP3s) of the most magical and celebrated classical music recordings for children ever produced – all integrated into the curriculum. These are:
    • Peter and the Wolf
    • Carnival of the Animals
    • Mozart’s Magic Fantasy
    • Beethoven Lives Upstairs
  • Selections of active listening and role play activities from Dance, Sing and Listen Again and Again! by Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson.
  • The Orchestra: CD/MP3, book and flash cards 
  • Picture cards of everyone’s favorite foods – used in some of the activities (with Braille labels if requested)
  • A cuddly stuffed animal containing a recording device. We will still mail it to you (for free if you’re in the U.S. or Canada) if you purchase the downloadable version.
  • If you play an instrument (piano, guitar, uke etc.) Sheet music is included for the songs in the curriculum! Piano and chords so you can play the songs for the kids! Click here for a free sample (PDF): The Grand Old Duke of York.

What are the program's learning objectives?

Each lesson has specific learning objectives as outlined in the Curriculum Guide. The overall program objectives include:

  • To enhance the child’s appreciation of music through musical games and recorded works which concentrate on movement, imagination and active listening. Rudimentary singing skills will also develop as the children take part in these activities.
  • To enable the child to distinguish between beat and rhythm with the use of percussion instruments.
  • To identify a selection of orchestral instruments by sound through the use of musical story recordings.
  • To give the children the opportunity to learn songs, games and dances from around the world with the use of CDs or MP3s and recordable stuffed animal.
  • To introduce the children to notation by using popsicle sticks for building rhythms.  These are the rhythms they will have played on their instruments during previous weeks.

What age is it for?

Age appropriate for pre-kindergarten to Grade 1

While children aged 3-4 can do the activities, older children can learn to sing the whole song and perform the dances exactly as directed. Thus, as the children grow older, the material is used in a more complete manner. The material is varied and challenging enough to use a second time around with the same kids. Just watch them grow musically!

How is it organized?

The program covers the entire school year in three 12-week sessions.

  • Session 1 (e.g. September to December) introduces beat and rhythm through the use of percussion instruments and many fun songs and games.
  • Session 2 (January to March) builds on basic rhythms using songs, dances and stories from many cultures. The CD Singing ‘Round the World guides children and teachers through pronunciation, and the recordable stuffed animal helps children learn words and lyrics from countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Poland, India and many more.
  • Session 3 (April to June) introduces music notation and basic keyboard skills, and deepens the children’s cultural music experience through music from Cats, The Carnival of the Animals and other great classics.

Music Samples from the Curriculum

CD 1 - Wee Talk Rhythm & Song
  1. Sammy’s Song
  2. The Grand Old Duke of York
  3. Blue Bird
  4. Spider on the Floor
  5. My Little Dog’s Name is Rags
  6. Down in the Valley Two by Two
  7. Ten Little Snowmen
  8. Marching Around the Alphabet
  9. Naughty Pussy Cat
  10. The Dinosaur Song
  11. Pop Goes the Weasel
  12. The Piñata Chant
  13. The Ants Go Marching
  14. Old MacDonald Had a Band
  15. Six Little Ducks
  16. The Horse Went Around
CD 2 - Singing 'Round the World
  1. Intro to Brochan Lom
  2. Brochan Lom
  3. Intro to ‘S Ann An Ìle
  4. ‘S Ann An Ìle
  5. Intro to Donnez La Main
  6. Donnez La Main
  7. Intro to Frappe Des Mains
  8. Frappe Des Mains
  9. Intro to the Mexican Hand-Clapping Song
  10. The Mexican Hand-Clapping Song
  11. Mexican Hat Dance
  12. Intro to Be Ha No
  13. Be Ha No
  14. Intro to Toom-bah-ee-lero
  15. Toom-bah-ee-lero
  16. Intro to Kujawiak
  17. Kujawiak
  18. Intro to Stary Niedzwiedz
  19. Stary Niedzwiedz
  20. The Dance of the Buffoons
  21. Intro to Le Clown Samuel
  22. Le Clown Samuel
  23. Intro to Poesje Miauw
  24. Poesje Miauw
  25. Intro to Brüderchen, Komm Tanz Mit Mir
  26. Brüderchen, Komm Tanz Mit Mir
  27. Intro to Yagatka Malenka
  28. Yagatka Malenka
  29. Coco
  30. Intro to Vuka Se Ne Bojim Ja
  31. Vuka Se Ne Bojim Ja
CD 5 - Come Out to Play
  1. Jelly Jelly in my Belly
  2. The Elephant
  3. Grandfather’s Clock
  4. Old King Cole
  5. I Can’t Spell Hippopotamus
  6. Keyboard Exercises
  7. Would You Like to Swing on a Star
  8. Our Animals
  9. The Big Band Circle Song
  10. I Like Buttons
  11. Walk Walk Walk
  12. Old Woman All Skin and Bones
  13. My Valentine
  14. Down by the Station
  15. Christmas is for Santa
  16. Ride a Cock Horse Rings on Her Fingers
  17. Five Green and Speckled Frogs
  18. La Macarena
  19. The Ring is Going
  20. Up Goes the Castle
  21. Over the River and Through the Woods
  22. Shake Shake Shake
  23. Three Little Monkeys

See World Music & Rhythm Talk in action

CD 6 – Child’s Play, is actually an instructional DVD showing how Maria teaches the activities to a real kindergarten class.

These videos will help you teach musical skills to the children in your classes, while they have fun learning the songs, games and dances.


Sample Pages from the Curriculum Guide

Click your way through some sample pages from the World Music and Rhythm Talk Curriculum Guide. 

The physical version is a coil-bound book with lesson plans for three 12-week sessions. The digital version is a PDF.

Approved for use in schools

by the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

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