Colourful Autumn Fun

by | Sep 28, 2015

Well, we’re back into the autumn with all of its crispness and colour! I was teaching at Armbrae Academy this morning and, of course, the kids are well into the fall theme. 

I wanted to share a song from my Musical Harvest CD, “Frappe des mains.”  The object of the song/game is to learn 4 key French phrases – Frappe des mains, Tap des pieds, Claque la langue and Dis bonjour

After they learn to recognize these phrases you could ask them to come to the head of the class, one by one, to say one of these phrases.  Then the class must do the appropriate action – Frappe des mains, (clap your hands), tap des pieds (stomp your feet), and so on. They love doing this and learn oh so quickly! 

Here is a link to the Musical Harvest CD with song samples.  This will cover the whole of Autumn up until Christmas.

If you want downloadable lesson plans for each activity/song, please email me your request and I will give you a price on it.

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