Kids’ first contact with blindness

by | Nov 30, 2015

Over my 20 years of teaching preschool children I have only come across a few kids who are curious about my blindness, probably because it is not something we talk about on a regular basis due to the fact that there is so much music to be learned.

Maria and kids

On the few occasions that it was brought up though, their responses are very cute. One child thought that if I opened my eyes really really wide, I should be able to see things better. Another recommended I get glasses. Still others hold something they want you to look at about one centimeter from your face saying “Can you see it now?”

Some of my classes know I have a friend who drives me to and from the preschools. This fact sparked one of them to say, “Why do you have a driver? I replied that I don’t have a car, to which he responded, “Why not?” I told him that I could not drive, to which he stated with incredulity,

“You’re old and you can’t drive?”

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