Popsicle Stick Rhythms

by | Sep 10, 2015

popsicle sticks

Well, I dragged out all of the popsicle sticks I had for the kids the other day and they had fun learning the

Ta, Ta, Ti-ti Ta 

rhythms. I find that is a great way to teach them the beginnings of notation. They each get about 10 to 15 sticks and start building combinations of the Ta’s and Ti-ti’s. Ta is one popsicle stick set vertically and the Ti-ti is made with two popsicle sticks set vertically with one across the top. You may ask each child to point and say their rhythm.

Here is a sample of the song I use. It’s in the first section of my World Music and Rhythm Talk program.

CD 1, Wee Talk Rhythm and Song, Song 18. “I Am A Fine Musician”


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