by | Sep 13, 2020

Raven was my friend and guide dog of many years. Although he is no longer with us, I still remember all the good times:

Taking him to the daycare when he was younger and playing the Copy Cat Rhythms on the drum with his paw so the kids could see that even the dog could play. We didn’t keep that one up as Raven began to protest, pulling his paw away as if to say “That’s your game, not mine.”

He would also jump up in the air and bark whenever we were up dancing and clapping.

The one I think he enjoyed the most was the springtime class. We were outside in the playground doing The Elephant Song where the children walk very slowly like the elephants do, raising their arm like a trunk. When the music speeds up, so do the children as they are being chased by a tiger or hunter. Raven ran right along with them in his deer-like fashion, leaping and bounding around as Standard Poodles generally do. I wish I had a picture of that scene.

Here is a sample of the song he and the kids were running to:

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