Nature’s Lullaby & Dance Booklet


Nature’s Lullaby (Too Noisy to Nap) with Maria Alley and Friends. Nominated for an East Coast Music Award (ECMA) in 2009! This rockin’ CD contains a myriad of musical styles, all fun and upbeat. It’s music that both kids and grownups will enjoy.

Movin’ and Groovin’ is the instructional dance booklet that goes along with Nature’s Lullaby (Too Noisy to Nap), with choreography by award-winning performer Veronique MacKenzie!

Because of the upbeat trend of this music and movement set, children will love to dance these routines time and time again. They will have an opportunity to learn the basic Salsa step, groove to the sounds of Calypso Chill, (a song about ice cream,) boogie to the environmental song, “The Reuse Blues,” make a dinosaur structure with their bodies and work out to the hip hop style of “Wake Up!” They will also have fun acting out the title track where the sounds you hear outside at night are Nature’s Lullaby!

This program is certain to add to any classroom setting, P-2, ideal for home schooling and just what the doctor ordered for parents who aspire to get kids’ circulation going in a creative manner.

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Scroll down to listen to song samples from Nature’s Lullaby!



The choreography in Movin’ and Groovin’ is by Veronique MacKenzie. Veronique is a faculty member at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Dalhousie University Theatre Department, and Halifax Dance. Her award-winning work in dance and comedy has taken her across the country and into collaborations with a wide variety of other artists and students.

Song Tracks for Nature’s Lullaby

  1. Nature’s Lullaby
  2. Imagine Nation
  3. Three Letter Words
  4. Xara’s Tea Party
  5. My Great Dane Puppy
  6. Calypso Chill (ice cream)
  7. Visiting Grandma
  8. Albert the Albatross
  9. Colours
  10. The Re-Use Blues
  11. Zorian the Dinosaur
  12. Wake Up