Perfect Harmony Retreat


Cool down this summer with a great collection of songs. Enjoy time honoured native North American music, and learn a Greek song while travelling along to a beautiful island off of Greece. Fun for the whole family!

Choose physical or digital formats for the music and songbook.



Music tracks on Perfect Harmony Retreat

  1. Tzena Tzena Tzena
  2. The Earth is our Mother
  3. Popcorn
  4. Coco
  5. Coco the Coconut
  6. Here is a Beehive
  7. Irish Folk Tune
  8. Soldiers March
  9. A Run From: (Orpheus in the Underground)
  10. A Run From: (The Rage Over Lost Penny)
  11. Teddy Bear’s Picnic
  12. Animal Fair
  13. Calypso Chill
  14. Intro to Yagatka Malenka
  15. Yagatka Malenka
  16. The Planets Revolve Around the Sun
  17. The Canoe Song (Land of the Silver Birch)
  18. Rhythm Baseball
  19. Copy Cat Rhythms
  20. Copy Cat Rhythms
  21. Copy Cat Rhythms
  22. Copy Cat Rhythms