Rhythm & Rhyme


This mini-curriculum is a junior version of our 36-week programWorld Music and Rhythm Talk, which costs $429.99!

Together, the Lesson Plans, the album and the Songbook give you a professional mini program that you can teach in a kindergarten or use in homeschool.

Develop your children’s understanding of music! Play in Old MacDonald’s band, learn the letters of the alphabet, make a rubber spider crawl up your body, play in The Dinosaur Band and learn to form popsicle stick rhythms. Find out how to do “The Macarena” and learn some of the Spanish words.

These activities are tested and true, and based on my many years of experience teaching music to preschool age children. A great homeschool resource!

Choose digital or physical versions from the table below. Prices are in US Dollars.



Song Tracks and Samples for Rhythm & Rhyme

  1. I Am A Fine Musician
  2. Tideo
  3. The Grand Old Duke of York
  4. Pop Goes The Weasel
  5. Spider On The Floor
  6. Six Little Ducks
  7. My Little Doggie’s Name is Rags
  8. Ten Little Snowmen
  9. Marching Around The Alphabet
  10. The Horse Went Around
  11. Naughty Pussy Cat
  12. Down In The Valley Two By Two
  13. Sammy’s Song
  14. The Ants Go Marching
  15. The Dinosaur Song
  16. Blue Bird
  17. Old MacDonald Had A Band
  18. La Macarena


Rhythm and Rhyme is a small version of our larger children’s music curriculum, World Music and Rhythm Talk. See two of the songs in action with a Kindergarten class in these videos: