Musical Harvest


Roll into Autumn with this cornucopia of educational songs and games. Take delight in the kaleidoscope of music which is synonymous with the vibrant colours of fall!



Song Tracks for Musical Harvest

  1. Jelly Jelly in my Belly
  2. I Like Buttons
  3. Intro to Frappe Des Mains
  4. Frappe Des Mains
  5. Albert the Albatross
  6. Sleeping Beauty
  7. Shake Shake Shake
  8. What Are You Wearing
  9. The Big Band Circle Song
  10. Old Woman All Skin and Bones
  11. Colours
  12. Intro to Toom-bah-ee-lero
  13. Toom-bah-ee-lero
  14. Over the River and Through the Woods
  15. The Word Family Song
  16. The Mexican Hat Dance
  17. The Re-use Blues
  18. I Got Rhythm / Copy Cat Rhythms
  19. Copy Cat Rhythms
  20. Copy Cat Rhythms
  21. Copy Cat Rhythms
  22. Copy Cat Rhythms
  23. Copy Cat Rhythms
  24. Copy Cat Rhythms
  25. Copy Cat Rhythms
  26. Christmas is for Santa
  27. Copy Cat Rhythm Extravaganza
  28. Copy Cat Rhythm Extravaganza