girl-cornerTestimonials about Do Re Me and Maria’s music education curriculum for kids that we have received over the years.

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“I have known Maria as a music teacher for many years and have been impressed by her engaging and playful way of involving students in music activities. Whether singing, playing, or dancing to the music of other countries, her new preschool music program, World Music and Rhythm Talk, is a “MUST” for any Early Childhood Educator.”
Steve Trussoni
Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority

“The Nova Scotia Department of Education endorses this program and has recommended its use in pre-primary and primary-1 classrooms.”
Ardith Haley, Arts Education Consultant, and
Nancy Taylor, M. Ed., Co-ordinator, Pre-Primary Program,
English Program Services, Nova Scotia Department of Education

“Maria’s program is fantastic! The children are really enjoying it, and already are showing that they are learning the music skills the program teaches. It is a simple and fun program that anyone can implement, regardless of your musical background. Thanks again.”
Carla Patulny
Preschool Teacher
Sydney Australia

“I have a California music teaching credential. I teach music in two charter schools as well as a public school and my Brightwater music school. I will use your wonderful material in my new preschool music class beginning Jan. 10 and with the younger children at the public school. I taught primary school music in Scotland for 5 years. I sure wish I had your material then. Thank you for creating it! All the best!”
Randy Prichard
Brightwater Music and Fine Arts Inc.
Ca. Credentialed Teacher/General Manager

“My name is Vanessa Sheets and I work in a Preschool called Saint Annes school day. This is my first year working as a preschool educator. I’m a musician graduated from the Conservatory of Music from Lima – Peru as Pianist and music educator. I did some research regarding music curricula for young children and I found your site in the internet. As a musician I found it very interesting and very detailed, just the way I would love to approach my students. I have been developing my classes at the preschool mostly by myself, I introduced basic notation, through songs I made up or using popular nursery rhymes, also incorporating movement and improvising games to it. When I read the samples of your lessons, heard the songs, and watched some of the youtube videos of your class, I was amazed to see how your lessons cover every single theme I want to teach my children. I’m looking forward to beginning using it at my school.”
Vanessa Sheets
Atlanta, Georgia

“The World Music and Rhythm Talk curriculum is a perfect fit for our independent Early Childhood Music Education Centers in the NY, NJ area. Your extensive collection allows us room to stretch out and present a kaleidoscope of exciting musical experiences to our families. The program has been readily adaptable to the Newborn through Preschool mixed-age classes we offer that children attend with their parents/caregivers and everyone just loves the songbook and CD we include with tuition.”Gail & Mark Pent

“[I used] parts of your program with my younger students last year. They enjoyed the music and I appreciated how things were laid out and yet flexible at the same time. Teachers with little experience would benefit from the clear instructions and experienced teachers can still use the materials but add their own “twists”.”
Doreen Fraccaro
Donald Cousens Public School
Markham ON

“think I have as much fun as the kids do, and they seem to absolutely love it…. The classes are still going wonderfully! I really couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you!”Lauren Boyle

“My teachers have found the World Music and Rhythm Talk programme easy to follow because of the detailed instructions. The children enjoy the activities and they like being given the opportunity to play different instruments each time. Through the programme, they learn, besides music, turn taking, sharing and following instructions. Generally, the programme offers a lot. However, it is imperative that the teacher knows how to modify some of the activities to suit the abilities of the children taught.”
Juliet McCully

“Maria has been coming to our childcare centre to teach music for 3 years. The biggest testimonial comes directly from the children, they cheer when she comes in the room, they are so excited to have her for music. Maria’s program is very age appropriate and enjoyable for the children. The program is interactive and gross motor related. The children really enjoy their music class.”
Paula Taylor
Owner / Director
Grace Note Child Care Centre

“Maria, I have to say your music is fantastic! Max is always excited for music day at GraceNote. Very rarely does your CD leave our player. Max loves it & I love knowing all the songs he gets to sing at daycare. Now we can sing them as a family. Thank-you!”
Ursula Fournier
Analyst, Client Services

“Maria has been teaching our daughter music for 3 years now, and we couldn’t be more pleased. My daughter Charlotte has come home from day-care singing new songs and talking about instruments that Maria has exposed her and her class-mates to. I believe that our daughter’s day-care experience has been truly enriched due to Maria’s dedication and love of music and children.”
Nicole Langille
Marketing Manager
Fraser & Hoyt Group