Singing ‘Round the World


Singing ‘Round the World is the second CD from Do Re Me and Maria’s preschool music curriculum, World Music and Rhythm Talk. It has been so popular that we are offering it separately.

Join us as we take a trip around the globe, visiting many countries along the way. We will travel to Mexico by jet plane to learn the Mexican Hand-Clapping Song and the Mexican Hat Dance, journey to Scotland to learn and dance to some Gaelic mouth music and take a tour through other European countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, Poland and Greece where we will encounter stories, songs, dances and games played by the children of that country. We will experience the percussive sounds of the Djembe drum while learning a call and response song from West Africa, and swing on the Hindola in India.

To hear samples of music from the CD, scroll down.



List of tracks:

  1. Intro to Brochan Lom
  2. Brochan Lom
  3. Intro to ‘S Ann An Ìle
  4. ‘S Ann An Ìle
  5. Intro to Donnez La Main
  6. Donnez La Main
  7. Intro to Frappe Des Mains
  8. Frappe Des Mains
  9. Intro to the Mexican Hand-Clapping Song
  10. The Mexican Hand-Clapping Song
  11. Mexican Hat Dance
  12. Intro to Be Ha No
  13. Be Ha No
  14. Intro to Toom-bah-ee-lero
  15. Toom-bah-ee-lero
  16. Intro to Kujawiak
  17. Kujawiak
  18. Intro to Stary Niedzwiedz
  19. Stary Niedzwiedz
  20. The Dance of the Buffoons
  21. Intro to Le Clown Samuel
  22. Le Clown Samuel
  23. Intro to Poesje Miauw
  24. Poesje Miauw
  25. Intro to Brüderchen, Komm Tanz Mit Mir
  26. Brüderchen, Komm Tanz Mit Mir
  27. Intro to Yagatka Malenka
  28. Yagatka Malenka
  29. Coco
  30. Intro to Vuka Se Ne Bojim Ja
  31. Vuka Se Ne Bojim Ja